Update on 29/07/2019

The goal is to make sure that the confidentiality and service of the staff who can visit the following visits is enabled.
Privacy Policy (“Policy”) (along with other documents referred to therein) provide the basis on which you use TILUX Shpk (“us”, “ours”) collects and handles for the personal operation of users of our potential site ( “you”, “user”, “client”) or to ensure that you provide otherwise. Please read more carefully to anticipate the following, to understand the views and practice of information on the collection and protection of professional service . By visiting our website (“country page”) or by contacting us with an online account, you accept the practice and described in this Policy. For more on evaluation no. 9887 dated 10.03.2008 “On His Personal Propagation” (“Law on Personal Data Protection”), the service controller is TILUX shpk – NUIS J81608008D with headquarters Rr. Mine Peza, 37, Tirana, Albania.

1. What information do we collect?
1. We can collect more information below (“Data”) that you can voluntarily give by plotting the forms in the desire to find, by contacting us by phone (in monitoring and monitoring of calls), mail or you OTHERS. This information information from you may give you previous uses, when you sign up for the site service, perform actions or check you can find online in any way, scan documents or transmit to be given more personal as photos, genetically in searching for Clients or in various activities, interested in discussion or other functions on social media in a full assessment, when you call us or when you report a problem to us:
1. Name, surname
2. Personal identification number
3. Email address
4. Mobile phone number
5. Declared residential address
6. Copy of personal identification document
7. Number of personal identification document
8. Technical information – see more paragraph 6. Cookie Using the file

2. How do you use the information gathered?
1. You agree that the Data you provide will be registered online and will be used for the following visits:
1. to verify your identity;
2. to assess your solvency
3. to detect and secure any fraud, money laundering and other criminal activities;
4. for control information;
5. for information allowed our promotional offers.
2. Informing information about submitting a visit to more or more visits allows you to use the information to provide information about me or our services. All data provided by you may be used for the parties’ contracts. If you want to change, you can get more information.
3. We may use data or may allow third parties to inform information to link to the product or service please interested. Anyone who refuses to provide us, or third parties, with the use of information to supplement it, is given the option to stop using the personal service.

3. Where do we keep the collection collected?
1. We contact them to personalize and store them on management servers from hosting service providers. The server service may have a small number of centers to provide security in the European Union, or in jurisdictions where a simpler level of use can be provided, as required by the Personal Data Protection Act (“Jurisdictions”). of Preservation “).
2. We strive to ensure that we do not offer external storage options. However, in visible circumstances, the personality we have gathered in front of you may be transferred and stored in a destination outside the Laws of Conservation and Processing by the staff operating here and made for it.
3. Generally we make personal custody for (5) (five) years after the end of the contractual service with you (where the period of collection of arrears order is visited, there may be). In established circumstances, such as regulatory requirements, we will be required to maintain it for a longer period of time. Upon completion of the conservation assessment, the service personality is automatically provided by the hosting service providers.

4. By providing us with personal data you accept the above conditions for international transfer, storage and processing. However, we will ensure that the transfer of data outside the Preservation Jurisdiction will be carried out only on the basis of a prior approval by the Albanian Authorities under the Personal Data Protection Law.
5. You can get acquainted with the hosting sites and service providers where Tilux shpk holds data by sending us a request under paragraph 8 below. We will respond to you according to our obligations under the Personal Data Protection Act.

4. How do we protect the collected data?
1. Our server environments are highly secure and allow access for a limited number of staff. Any data will be encrypted at the time of storage.
2. If the data is stored outside of the Preservation Jurisdiction, prior to the transfer we verify whether appropriate safeguards have been taken and we will take all reasonable steps to verify that your data is being treated securely and in accordance with this Policy. Privacy.
3. We shall ensure that any person, including our staff, or reception staff, who has access to personal data, access it under strict confidentiality rules.
4. When we have provided you (or you have chosen) a password and / or other information that allows you to access your online account, or other parts of our website, you are responsible for keeping it confidential. of password and / or other access data. We ask that you do not share the password and / or other access data with anyone, including family members. If you share your password and / or other access data with someone else, you do so at your own risk, and if a user logs in with your personal identification data, any information or transaction that takes place through your online account or website will be considered made, legally, directly by you for any purpose.
5. We install SSL certificates on our servers. When you transfer data to the website, a secure browser session is created, and the application protocol (known as HTTP) will change to HTTPs where “s” stands for security.
6. Although we will do our best to protect your personal information, unfortunately, despite the above measures, the transmission of information via the Internet cannot be 100% secure and cannot guarantee your security. of your transmitted data, especially when your devices are affected by viruses or other software for covert purposes.
7. Once we have received your information, we will use strict procedures and security measures to prevent unauthorized access.
8. You will be notified if the data has been compromised due to security breach.

4. How do we disseminate stored data?
1. We may disclose data stored with third parties, in some cases with your consent (please note that you are giving your approval regarding this Privacy Policy) including:
2. with business partners, with our financing parties, with the parties to whom you are entitled to pay in respect of your loans, with suppliers and subcontractors, organized or individuals, for the performance of any contract we enter into with them or with you. .
3. with search engine service providers (such as google, bing, etc.), which help us improve and optimize our website (eg only technical information);
4. with credit reference agencies (such as the credit register at the Bank of Albania) and with fraud prevention agencies (such as the General Directorate for the Prevention of Money Laundering);
5. if we are obliged to disseminate or share your personal data in order to fulfill any legal obligation, or to enforce any agreement with you or our suppliers, to protect the rights, property, security of customers ours, or others, including funding rules against money laundering and terrorism;
6. Although unlikely, at some point we may want to sell or reorganize our business or transfer shares to a potential partner. In these cases, we may transfer your personal data to a potential partner and his or her counselors if they agree to maintain confidentiality, and use the data only to review and / or negotiate a possible transaction.
7. We will not share your data with third parties for the purpose of sending promotional notices for goods or services provided by third parties.

8. You may be acquainted with third parties with whom we have disseminated your data by sending us a request under paragraph 8 below. We will respond to you according to our obligations under the Personal Data Protection Act.
5. Use of cookies
1. We may use cookies to collect technical information for certain statistical data and use the services on our website. The technical information collected may include the protocol address (IP) used to connect your computer or device to the Internet, your identification information, browser type and version, time zone setting, browser types and versions, operating system and platform etc.
2. In any case, the said information shall not contain personally identifiable information.
3. We may collect information about your daily use of the Internet. Your browser may refuse cookies. Further information on cookies can be found in the Cookies Policy section.
6. Link to third party websites
1. Our website may include links to third party websites. These sites have their own use and privacy rules, which you accept when you visit the relevant website. We are not responsible and do not take any responsibility for third party websites.
7. Your rights
1. The Law on Personal Data Protection gives you the right, free of charge, to accept, oppose processing, under certain circumstances, as well as to update, correct or correct the information we hold about you.
2. You may exercise your other rights at any time by contacting us at [email protected]. If you have an online account with us and would like to update your information, you can update it directly on your online account profile.
3. We will endeavor to respond to your requests as soon as possible, in accordance with the requirements of the Personal Data Protection Act.
4. Note that the processing of some personal data we hold about you is necessary to fulfill the contracts we may have with you; therefore we will not be able to stop the processing of this data until there is a contract between us. Also, note that your data cannot be permanently deleted if we have to keep records of our contractual relationship and / or if we are required by law to keep records for a certain period of time.
8. Changes in our Privacy Policy
1. Any changes we may make to our privacy policy in the future will be posted on our website and / or sent to you by email or online if you have one.
9. Connecting with you
1. After visiting this website and providing personal data and contacts, you agree to receive our commercial offers on any of your communication devices.
10. Contact us
1. Questions, comments and requests regarding this privacy policy are welcome and should be addressed at [email protected] / Phone: 044 500 600
11. Content Consent to Privacy Policy
1. By clicking the Send button, you confirm that the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy (link to privacy policy) have been read, understood and accepted by you, giving your good informed consent to the collection and handling of data / documents. under Privacy Policy.
Approved and updated on 29/07/2019
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13. How do we use cookies?
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14. How are cookies used in
1. We use session cookies and permanent cookies.
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15. Checking and deleting cookies files
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16. Content consent to the use of Cookies
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